Palestinians, Police Clash at Temple Mount

Police block visitors from Temple Mount, fearing disturbances – fears realized. Police storm holy site, pelted with stones

Israeli riot police storm the temple mount

Israeli riot police storm the temple mount

Police and Border Guard officers stormed the Temple Mountcomplex on Wednesday after several dozens of Palestinian youngsters lobbed stones, fireworks and tear gas toward police in the area, stationed there due to intelligence reports of plans of public disorder.

Security forces dispersed the Muslim worshipers in the plaza and surrounded the  Al Aqsa where some youngsters hid, throwing stones at the police. : Palestinian rioters on the temple mount, earlier this month, or current video at this link:,7340,L-4433489,00.html

Over recent weeks, police entered the complex almost every Friday and holiday eve due to public disorders and stone throwing. On Tuesday, Jerusalem  police decided to prohibit visits to the site due to intelligence alleging intentions of public disturbances.

However, the police noted that over the holidays thousands visited the site, including hundreds of Jews, despite the disturbances. The police statement said that the decision to prohibit visits on Wednesday was made as an exception, out of concerns for the public safety.

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of clashes between security forces and Palestinian demonstrators in Jerusalem. On Tuesday several dozens of Arab youngsters protested outside Damascus Gate, some brandished PLO flags and lobbed stones at the police.

Officer dispersed the demonstration and arrested 11 suspects.


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