Live Update on Nairobi Mall Crisis

22:00 : almost all hostages have been freed and most of the mall is in the hands of the Kenyan forces, there is still resistance.
19:00: Breaking News:  Kenyan officials say an operation to end the terrorist siege has begun, and that the standoff will end “tonight'”, reports AP.
18:08: Breaking News Kenya Red Cross says the death toll has risen to 68 after nine more bodies were recovered in the rescue mission
17:23: The BBC’s Anne Soy, who is about 300m from the shopping centre, says increased gunfire has rung out over the past hour. She says ambulances have been leaving the scene, as has a pick-up truck covered with blankets, suggesting that it may be carrying bodies.
17:12: The Kenyan Red Cross says that one hostage has been rescued and search & rescue operations are ongoing.
17:10: NTV reporter Nimrod Taabu who is at the scene says security officers are in every corner of the street leading to the Westgate Mall.
17:07: “We fear the death toll… it could be much, much higher than what we have, judging from the bodies sighted inside,” a police officer is quoted by AFP as saying.
17:00: “President Obama reiterated U.S. support for Kenya’s efforts to bring the perpetrators of the attack to justice,” the White House said in a statement.

16:59: HSM Press Office, aka Al-shabab tweets: HSM Press has once again made contact with the #Westgate Warriors. They say Kenyan forces tried to storm the building but failed miserably

16:53: Kenya: journalist Tony Kago shot dead

16:51: US President Barack Obama has spoken to Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, and said the US will support Kenya’s efforts to bring perpetrators of the shopping centre attack to justice – Reuters reports

16:50 An “important” operation is under way at the Westgate shopping centre, government sources tell AFP news agency


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