Stone throwers attack police on Temple Mount

Police were attacked on the temple mount wednesday, following calls by Arab leaders to renew disturbances at the holy site. Three offenders are arrested, and 3 policemen are injured as authorities clash with protesters. Quiet prevails for the time being as the festival of Sukkot arrives.

Israeli riot police patrol the streets o

Clashes started when on wednesday, a police patrol was pelted by stones by nearby stone-throwing youths. The patrol was sent out after intelligence was received of imminent stone throwing from one of the surrounding mosques. The attacks were carried out exactly as intelligence indicated, police sources state.

Police dispersed several dozen of Arab youths, who were throwing stones and rioting, and others ran into nearby mosques.

Three police officers were hurt in the clash. One was evacuated to the hospital for additional treatment, while both others were treated on-site.

Police arrested two of the rioters on suspicion of public disorder, and a third person on suspicion of inciting public disorder.

This attack follows a similar incident on September 6 at the holy site’s Mughrabi Gate, in which several Arab youth and an Israeli police officer were injured.

Quiet has been restored to the Temple Mount following the incident.

source: Israel Hayom


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